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What Is Cast Aluminum Patio Furniture?
The perfect combination of timeless charm and durable staying power. Our cast aluminum patio furniture and accessories offer beauty with functionality. The superior craftsmanship and intricate designs on these pieces make for an elegant and unique look. Our cast aluminum pieces resist corrosion and are rust-free. They are also relatively lightweight, but highly durable--offering a lifetime of beauty and performance.

The superior craftsmanship and exquisitely detailed designs on Patio Preserve furniture make for an elegant and unique look, and you can choose styles that are traditional or contemporary. The cast aluminum collection consists of several styles--from the popular Mississippi Collection, with its classic southern plantation look highlighted with scrolled serpentine patterns--to the more modern look of the Elite Collection with the clean lines of its cross weave pattern. The cast aluminum collections include dining sets, bistro sets, bar sets, lounging sets, benches, kids' benches, bird baths, and other outdoor accessories.

Cast aluminum is one of the most popular patio furniture materials because of its resistance to corrosion and relatively light weight--making it easier to move around than some of its heavier counterparts. But don't mistake cast aluminumís light weight for flimsiness, it's still strong enough to be the primary building material in a commercial jet! Meaning--you can easily rearrange your cast aluminum patio furniture while also not worrying about it ever blowing away in a heavy wind.

Cast aluminum furniture typically features classic designs with roots in the cast-iron styles of the 18th century. It's produced by pouring molten aluminum into molds and then allowing it to cool. The prototype for each casting mold is hand carved, permitting elaborate detailing. A thin layer of oxidation that forms when exposed to air is what makes aluminum rust resistant, making it so valuable for outdoor uses. The dull, silvery appearance, the hallmark of aluminum, is actually the product of this oxidation.


  • Resistant to rust, corrosion, extreme heat and light (due to the aluminumís thin layer of oxidation that forms when exposed to air and elements)
  • High-grade polyester powder coat finish provides a long lasting, beautiful finish that will maintain its appearance for years to come with minimal maintenance
  • Relatively light weight--making it easy to move
  • Strong and durable--even in heavy winds
  • Superior craftsmanship and intricate designs
  • Brass and stainless steel assembly hardware ensures that each product will be sturdy, durable and secure for years
  • Easy to follow assembly instructions included with each product
  • Available in a variety of colors
  • A wide variety of weather-proof cushions available

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