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Cast Aluminum vs. Wrought Iron Patio Furniture

Choosing the right patio furniture is tough with so many options available. Finding the right patio furniture for you will depend on several factors, including how much you are looking to spend, what kind of maintenance you are looking to put in, and what kind of look you are trying to achieve.

Cast Aluminum outdoor patio furniture is made from individual solid pieces of metal welded together. It offers a combination of strength as it is weatherproof and rust proof, and beauty because of the elegant finish of the cast aluminum. These two traits are what make cast aluminum patio furniture universally desirable.

Cast Aluminum patio furniture is lightweight, and more durable than wrought iron. It is very long lasting, so you will most likely need to buy only one set in your lifetime. It is usually finished with powder coat paint which is very durable as well. Unlike many other types of patio furniture, cast aluminum products need very little maintenance to keep their brand look for a very long time.

Wrought iron furniture is classic and traditional, and can be an attractive addition to both modern and classic settings. Wrought iron does require light maintenance, which includes wiping the iron down with diluted dish soap and then applying a spray wax once or twice a year to protect the finish from rain, and it tends to be more expensive than cast aluminum.

The term wrought iron means that the metal was heated and hammered into its shape by a craftsman. Some wrought iron furniture is still made this way, however; you will more commonly see wrought iron furniture that is crafted in the wrought style, but not necessarily by hand.

Although the furniture is very strong, it may chip or scratch over time, and it is important to attend to this right away because you can still fix it to make it look like new. Lightly sand down the affected area with medium grit sandpaper, then apply matching paint to blend in the scratches.

Both cast aluminum and wrought iron patio furniture offer many advantages, and both are durable and stylish. Either one would be a great addition to your patio atmosphere.

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